Susanna Kallur fail

Susanna Kallur’s Olympic dreams came to a painful end as she face planted in an epic fail during the women’s 100m hurdles. Poor dear :(

Moment of contact with hurdle. Susanna looks like she’s doocing.

Read more and see more pics at:

Susanna Kallur is supposed to look like this:



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OMG, I am excited for Ginger: the new Netvibes

Ginger: the new Netvibes has me super excited. I am a recent Netvibes lover and can’t wait to see what they are going to do next!

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Fuck DZone!

I haven’t been able to login for over a month. I even got a message that they were working on it. I know my login credentials are correct because the forgot password feature works. What the fuck is taking so long? I’m surprised that a site with links for developers doesn’t have any that can fix their fucking login problem.

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